What we do.

Given New life is a Nutritional Health practice. We consider that our own bodies are programmed to achieve their own best health provided they are given the resources to do so.

379582_490702430999049_2120971702_nIncreasingly we live in an industrial society which is flooding our bodies with chemicals and man made foods which our natural systems are not equipped to process. This can result nutritional deficiencies and “intolerance’s” to foods, this can lead to inflammation and autoimmune diseases where the body becomes so confused that it turns against itself.

Not surprisingly, mental health can also be affected by a damaged digestive tract. By failing to supply the brain with the nutrients and neurotransmitters needed for efficient operation but instead allows foreign substances to influence mood, energy levels, concentration and temperament.

We identify, through diagnostics and practical dietary protocols which eliminate foods / chemicals and through this identify those that are triggering negative responses in your system.

Food is the basis of our lives but each of us has to learn to eat the type of foods your own body needs. Genetic, environmental and lifestyle all affect your bodies ability and preference for the foods it needs.

There are general principles as well as individual differences. Nutritional Therapy is about 20091228_43 helping you discover how food can help your body to heal and recover. It is important to understand that food is not health neutral. Plants, particularly contain complex compounds that require specialized metabolic pathways to digest successfully.

In most cases once the aggravating chemicals and foods are eliminated and your body has the correct nutrients to heal you own body will begin to re-establish its own healthy balance.

Of course there are general principles of healthy eating and we all need to follow these but it is your own personal profile both genetic, lifestyle and environmental that determines how your body manages on the food you eat.

I have a friend who for years was unable to loose weight and complaining of sore feet, despite trying many diets, special shoes, nothing improved his situation. When I met Richard we began an investigation and potatoes proved the culprit. Richard was very surprised as these had been a staple part of his diet and he was unaware of the complications they caused him. Once removed his general health and vitality improved and the sore feet disappeared, and has started taking up the notches in his belt.

Now some practical steps : This website has been set up to allow us to work together to achieve the goal of improving your quality of life.

As we have said individual genetics and body type as well as your personal environmental and lifestyle history are all import factors. For this reason there is no one easy solution. No one size fits all diet.  This is very important. Our health needs are as individual as we are and the consultation process starts with a series of diagnostic questions.

prawn pizzaFrom this I design a program to “tweak what you eat” together with supplements to replenish nutrients identified as deficient. This  initial diet can be quite restrictive to allow the body to relax  its defense mechanism which has been triggering the health issues. From this point we begin to rebuild a healthy diet that is suitable for your body.


One client came to me having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis of the jaw, she was also on the plumpish side.  On completing the diagnostic questionnaire I saw she was very deficient in Vit D, had possible candida and a possible food intolerance. I told her to go lie in the sun for half and hour at about mid day without sunscreen! I also put her on a candida diet which cut out gluten and dairy and suggested probiotics to restore her gut. Gluten proved to be the intolerance leading to a leaking gut and fibromyalgia/arthritis, the Vit D deficiency contributed to the “fibromyalgia and arthritis” symptoms. Her weight dropped off. The cure for this apparently complex illness  was simple, inexpensive and effective.