Two years today

Today it is two years that Mike has been cancer free.

This is much longer than any drug would have given him and the only side effect he has is that he feels exceptionally fit and well.

Today in 2013 he had a confirmed melanoma tumour removed from his arm. His is a rare kind of Melanoma, Almelanotic Nodular Melanoma which in normal speak means it has normal colour (not dark) and goes down deep.

It is one of the most deadly forms of melanoma as it is often overlooked and misdiagnosed. Nodular melanoma grows deeper than normal and has a better chance of metastasizing.

The average lifespan of a man with this kind of Melanoma is about 2 months. He was diagnosed in January 2007, so he is long past his medical expire by date.

It has been an interesting walk, trying many different things, but we finally decided to use the ketogenic diet as it is inexpensive and we are able to do it from home which made it easier for us on our yacht.

It was not easy, especially in the beginning. I have the mathematical brain of a pea so so work out carbs and protein for every meal left me fuzzy headed. I have subsequently developed a table that I use.

Was it worth the effort, absolutely.

Watching the reaction of the doctors when they read his medical history and then look at him and see a picture of health is a good giggle. They inspect him closely with unbelief and so far have not found any more melanoma.

We are looking forward to many more years as we seem to have stopped his melanoma in it’s tracks. It may not control his melanoma forever but so far it has been far more successful than what the medical profession had to offer.

Not bad for someone who was supposed to be stage IV in 2010. The medical profession reckons if you have survived 5 years after their treatment you are a cancer survivor. I guess then Mike is a survivor.

The moral of the story: Never give up, keep searching and keep trying until you find a system that works. The doctors do not know it all.

This is what his melanoma  looked like in the beginning.

This is what his melanoma looked like in the beginning.