Does Jeremy Clarkson suffer from low blood sugar?

I do not particularly like Jeremy Clarkson or Top Gear but as the row that led to his sacking was over food I question if he does not suffer from low blood sugar.

This condition is caused by a pre-diabetic condition in which the blood sugar drops very low if a person has not eaten, this causes the brain to be starved of glucose leading to agitation and is some cases violence.

One man killed his wife because she did not have his dinner ready, he was acquitted of murder because of his condition.

Looking at Jeremy’s appearance I would not be surprised if he had syndrome X or metabolic syndrome as it is sometimes known as.

Why do I suspect this may be his problem? I had it and I know the frantic need to have good food and the ensuing violent impulses that emanate from it. How I have not caused an incident before is because I knew and understood what was happening so did not go beyond the screaming match. Knowing enables you to realize why you are out of control and walk away.

I cannot condone what he did but I can understand it.