Biohacking teeth

My teeth have been on a steady downhill since I left my toothbrush behind on going to boarding school at the age of 12. We did not have our own money, it was all controlled, we did have a in school store where we could “buy” toiletries (the amounts were debited off of a controlled school account) so I went there to ask the matron for a toothbrush, explaining that I had forgotten mine at home. To make the story short the Matron “forgot” to stock toothbrushes for the whole term, leaving me to brush with my finger and salt. Was this intentional, knowing the matron, possibly.

I had never needed a filling before this but afterwards needed a steady stream of dental care, not helped of course by having undiagnosed food sensitivities or by having been hit in the mouth by a golf club.

I now have 3 implants and lots of caps and a few root canals. I know root canals are not a good idea as they harbour toxins that can cause cancer and heart disease but having had dentures before the implants I am very reluctant to have my left back molar pulled.

It started to bother me while at sea, it felt as if it was rising up, no dentist out there so what do you do? I put a Biokult probiotic between the tooth and my lips and went to sleep with it there hoping the good bacteria would make a difference.

To my surprise it did, I woke up with no pain and no swelling.

This continued for sometime, it would flare up occasionally most especially  if I ate something with sugar as sugar lowers our immune systems.

Once ashore I had a flare up and so went to the dentist, was prescribed some antibiotics, I took them making sure I took 3 Biokult probiotics and hour or two afterwards. The tooth got worse.

I started oil pulling, rather sceptically I must admit, but was pleasantly surprised. It most certainly helped. I modified it a bit as I usually do, I oil pulled with olive oil for 20 mins first thing in the morning, then with pure Colloidal silver (from The Colloidal Company) for another 20 minutes, brushing my teeth with a non fluoride/SLS toothpaste and chewing a Biokult to make sure the good bugs were there to beat up any bad ones that had escaped.

To my amazement it has worked, my last x=ray showed improvement and I now do not have to do it every day.

The dentist could not find anything else wrong with my teeth and no sign of gum problems other than a bit of receding gums through too vigorous brushing. she was most disturbed to find out I did not use fluoride toothpaste, I explained I do not use toxins if I can help it.

I have now swopped my technique to the modified bass technique to avoid this problem

bass method

To ensure healthy teeth I make bone broths and fermented foods. Bone broths made properly have all the minerals we need for healthy bones and teeth and fermented foods are rich in Vit K2 as well as other essential vitamins. K2 is the bodies policeman telling the calcium where to go, if you do not have enough K2 you may end up with calcium deposits in joints and other parts of the body where it is not supposed to be. Our good gut flora does make about 50% of the vit K2 requirements but if you do have strong gut flora you will be even more deficient so we need to supplement with fermented foods.

fermented vegetables

fermented vegetables