A month on GAPS

Yay! I no longer have a reaction to ginger, it used to turn me into a baby dragon, instantly, I could light fires on a tiny bit. Yesterday, I put it into my juice and actually enjoyed it without the after effect. Now, at last, I can experience the health benefits.914059_10151376710666570_670507210_o

People take ginger for seasickness, it only made me feel worse, there were some foods I knew I could not eat before sailing as I knew they made my seasickness worse. Garlic butter was one of them. Garlic and butter turned out to be 2 of my many intolerances.

On finding out what my food intolerances were,  I cut them out and do not get seasick any more. Needless to say the drug companies are now losing out as I would live on sea sick tablets for the first 3 days of any trip. Our pocket is happier too.

On the 7/7/2007 I cut out all the foods my IgG antibody test showed I had and my life changed radically as my health improved and all my health issues disappeared. I had tried to introduce some of the foods back into my diet at regular intervals but always had a reaction.

Now after a month on GAPS I have been able to reintroduce egg, garlic, avocado pear, almonds, cashews, ghee and butter and now ginger. I must admit I had a bit of trepidation as I drank my juice, a bit strong as I under calculated the strength, but no reaction. Yay, ginger GAPS cookies coming up soon.

My thoughts are now more clear, I have more energy, I might even break out and do some exercise, and I am not as socially intimidated as I was, it is getting better.

I am still so very impressed with the healing power of GAPS.