How important is being kind?

Giving  something to someone releases “feel good” processes in our brains, I am sure you have noticed that when you give you feel good. Even a small gesture like giving praise to someone where it is due makes you both feel good and costs nothing.

Receiving is not easy for any of us, but one thing I have learned is not to deny someone the privileged of giving, accept with graciousness and both will feel good, you can feel good that someone thought you worth the effort of giving something to you, even if it was nothing more than a complement, and allow  them the “feel good” feeling giving it.

Feeling good means you boost your health, mental and physical, as our thoughts and feelings are linked to our physical well being.

This also applies to ourselves, we need to be kind to us too, not to the detriment of others of course, doing things for ourselves helps us de-stress and thereby respond to people and situations rather than reacting. For some people doing something for themselves means giving to others which gives a double benefit.

This also means not being to harsh or judgmental on ourselves or others, we are all human and have walked different paths, have been affected by different experiences and therefore are different and we have a right to be different. Accepting ourselves and others as individuals goes a long way to help us mentally and physically. All of us make mistakes, so do not condemn yourself for yours or someone else for theirs. The Biblical quote “Judge not” is a good one to remember. We do not like being judged so let us not do it to others.

Have you not noticed that when criticizing or being nasty to someone makes you and the other person feel nasty and vicious?

Have you not noticed that giving and being kind makes both you and the other person feel good?

Accepting others for who they are goes a long way in making life healthier and happier for all.

Let us kind, giving  and accepting to  ourselves and to each each other, helping  ourselves and others will make us healthier and will make this world a kinder, healthier, better place to live in.

Remember, a stranger is only a friend you do not know!!!!

smile baby