Exercise, spoil yourself.

Having had bad arthritis in my knees exercise has been a scary thought for me.

When you have spent so many years in agony every time you walk, bend your back or even get up, wishing you did not have to move, you are a little exercise resistant.

What does not cease to amaze me is I can now walk with out pain, even up stairs!  I am grateful every day, it is such a miracle to be able to move without wanting to cry with pain.

The mental barriers that living in pain for so long have built up for me are interesting. When in Ireland I did a month of Gym, swimming etc without any pain whatsoever. It was fabulous, but then of course we sailed on and somehow I never found a gym or pool I enjoyed as much. The swimming pool in Kinsale was an ozone system instead of chlorine which meant it was not toxic to my poor damaged lungs, let alone the other damage chlorine does to our bodies.

Strange that even after proving I can do it physically, my mind is still resistant, years of conditioning need to be countered with a bit of mental retraining.

Swimming in the sea or sailing (mobile gym) is the best and there is nothing  I enjoy more than to roll over the side of our yacht with a mask and fins to go fish and coral spotting, but not in these rather cold, polluted waters.

If you cannot go for a sail or snorkel then walking in nature is a great exercise, it is good for our skeletons, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems especially if a bit is uphill and brisk at times, it is not difficult, or harsh on the joints and is inexpensive,  it is good for the body and good for the soul and is the best “feel good” exercise imaginable, one the whole family can enjoy. Who can not feel at peace in nature?

I will go for a walk up the Rock this weekend and enjoy the antics of the apes.

The rock from my back door.

The rock from my back door.

Spoil your self this weekend and get out walking in nature.